Thursday, March 30

Sami in Socks!

Here is my daughter modeling her finished socks.

Donna craft personal photos 569

She was being a brat this morning. She did not want to model the socks. Then she did not want to wear them. She said they were slipping down a bit. Ok maybe they slid down a fraction, but I made the socks a tiny bit big so they would last longer than a week. I told her I did not care what she had to say she was going to wear the socks, and they better be on her when she gets home. Aarrgghh why do I make anything for that ungrateful little brat. I love my kids, but oh my can they make you crazy.

In other knitting news I am on the toe decreases of my trekking sock. Yeah almost have one down. Plus yesterday I started the lace knitting for my mom. So far so good. I think I need written instructions and not a chart. I can not seem to keep it straight using a chart. After I post this, I am going to knit some more lace and eat a sugar cookie. I am supposed to be doing laundry, dusting, making calls, etc but must knit lace. Have a good one all.


Cheryl said...

Brian wears a pair of white crew socks under his steeler socks so they don't fall down... he has a problem with that...
Great seing you last night!

aloicious said...

LOVE the knee socks...And hang in there...I never appreciated the many, many, many, many things my mother made me when I was younger and tried to make me wear (dresses for a tomboy, come on!!!). Around 20 I started asking her to make me and my young children things like blankets and christening gowns, and now I love everything she does and would kill for stuff made by her anytime...When you come to my house, I can show you the woven 'tester' she made for a textile class she had a few years back that I begged her for.

Heather said...

Love, love, love the socks!!!

Welcome to puberty Mom! She will probably hate most everything about you for the next few years. Aren't I the cheerful one?

Awesome that you are redoing the lace attempts! Much luck and encouragement!

hollyboc said...

The really good news is that teenage girls morph into actual human beings when they go away to school and/or have to become responsible for themselves. Ask me how I know this!

Kenny said...

Dang, those are some LONG socks!!!