Wednesday, September 22

Maybe back?

Ok so I might be back to blogging. I don't know. It just means more things to remember to do each day, but then I do get to show off my knitting. So stay tuned I may just start blogging again.

Friday, February 12

Knitting Olympics

Yay the knitting Olympics start today. I signed up to keep myself occupied and busy while my husband is away. I will be knitting over the knee socks, and a pair of socks to give away. I went to the yarn store today, and that was interesting. I always come out with way more than I intend to buy. I just needed two skeins for socks, and look what came home with me.


The two sparkly pink yarns in front are going to be for the over the knee socks. Now some of you non knitting peeps may think I am jumping on the crazy train for hand knitting over the knee socks. Well, handknit socks fit better, last longer, are warmer, and for pete's sake we just had two feet of snow fall. I need over the knee socks. I better do a good job to as these are some mighty expensive socks. Shhhh don't tell my husband.

I am also knitting a pair of gift socks. Either for my mom or my husbands, fellow soldier's girlfriend. My husband asked me special to make socks for the soldier's girlfriend, so it will most likely be those. I don't know what yarn for those yet.

Before starting the Olympics in a few hours, I had to clean off my knitting stand as it looked like this:


There are two sweaters and a pair of socks on there. Also in the living room are two other pair of socks I have started and a lace shawl. Yes I do think I have ADD.

So check back over the next 17 days for progress shots, and to see if I made it and won the gold!

Tuesday, February 9

Finally back

Hi 1-2 people who might read this. I decided to bring the blog back. I left for awhile since I was so busy with life and stuff. Mostly been hanging out on Facebook or Ravelry when I have the chance to computerate.

Been very busy with work as well. I love my job, but darn if I don't get super stressed from it. Like today I made the decision to cancel work in the office since we have two feet of snow and are going to get another foot. So I have two new trainees working from their home for the first time today. Really I think everything will be fine, but I will stress none the less.

Life: my husband has had a lot of away time for the National Guard lately. He will be leaving tomorrow for 6 weeks, and that is stressing me out. My kids act like a couple of knuckle heads when left alone. I am finally 2 months later recovering from some elective surgery. Fibro still rules my life and this week it has been making itsself very well known to me.

So anyway here are some pics from this past weekend when we had all of the snow. I did finish a pair of socks, and in the next post will have some knitting pics. Until then it's good to be back here!


The lovely snow


Thalia posing on the couch. She is sooooooo cute!


My husband with our other piggie Harley.

The piggies are too much fun. They are very vocal about what they want, and it makes me laugh to hear all the sounds they make.


craft project from the weekend. I started sewing a new purse with matching knit bag.


my son after shoveling snow. He is getting bigger every day.


My daughter with her pink hair. It was purple, and blue, and red, and..........LOL at least it is not permanent it grows out.