Monday, April 4

Blogging is fun!

Well as you can see, I managed to screw this blog up again by deleting pics. I don't know if I will ever get this blogging thing. Since I manged to delete some of the pics, I reposted them today.

Tonight is knitting at Barnes and Noble. It is hosted by Barnes and Nobel and Kathy's Kreations I believe. It is a lot of fun because it is for all ages. My son knits, and he is excited about going. Tracy from Kathy's Kreations reads stories to the kids then show them a new knitting techniqe. Last time they learned about knitting on circular needles. The adult just sit and knit and can look at knitting books that have been set out. Tonight I think my son and I will both be knitting on our turtles. Mine is going to be for my son and will be turned into Gamera. My son is knitting his for a birthday gift for his sister. How sweet.

They are here! As you can see below, the foozles have made their internet debut. For anyone who does not know what a foozle is, it is a handpuppet toy pattern that I created. My family loves them.

Happy Knitting to all!

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