Thursday, May 12

Blogging again.

Well once again, I am able to blog. My old computer went kuukuukrackers and so I thought my blog reading and posting were over. Lucky for me my husband had a brain spasm (that is the only way I can figure he agreed to a new computer right after buying living room and dining room furniture) and we got a brand spanking new computer. Yeah! My old computer was @^&$$(. It was so slow and just did not work right. Yes I will scream it over and over, I have the most wonderful husband in all the world. Only one small problem. Now with the new furniture and computer, no new yarn for a while.

In knitting news, I am half way finished with my outback shawl from Oat Couture. It is made out of outback mohair. First time I have worked with mohair, and I love it. I have one out of the pair of socks I am making for my mom. The sock is beautiful. I want to keep them for me, but alas they will go to her for her birthday. The second sock is on hold until I can find a victim to hold the second hank of yarn so I can wind it by hand. I need to find a close friend with a swift and ball winder. I am also still working on the octopus. His head and and about 2/3 of a leg are finished. I have made a promise to myself that NO MORE NEW PROJECTS UNTIL THE STARTED ONES ARE FINISHED. Will I stick to this? Maybe maybe not!

This part of the post is for all the people who think that homemakers/stay at home moms are lazy and have nothing to do. I am the first to admit that there are days when I do sit and do nothing but what I want all day, but then there are days like yesterday. I went and picked up the new computer. I loaded it into the car at the store and then out of the car at home by myself. I carried all the parts of the old computer to the dining room and set all the parts of the new computer on my desk. I do not own a washer or dryer, so I sorted all the laundry for one week to take to the laundry. My husband was going to help with the yard when he got home from work yesterday, but then the weather forcast was calling for rain, so I took care of the yard. We do not own a power mower. We have the old fashioned push mower. So much fun in the thick grass. After that, hooked up the 100 foot extention cord to weed eat the yard and such. After that I was pooped to say the least. This is another example of my wonderful husband. He came home, and I said you are cooking tonight, and he said okay no problem. After dinner I finished up by going and washing 5 loads of laundry. I still have about 3 to do today. I am not complaining (well maybe a little), I just want to say that being a homemaker/stay at home mom is not all sitting around being lazy all day. Would I trade my "job" though? Nope not likely. I really enjoy taking care of the house and yard and such. Okay, I have rambled on long enough today. I may have bored the two people who read this. I will try and get some pictures to post later of the shawl and sock.


Cheryl said...

Hey girl...glad to hear you got a new 'puter!.......

Heather said...

YAAAAHHHH!!! I am so glad to see you are back online!!!