Thursday, May 5

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Many knitting projects in the works here. I just can't seem to stay on one project. I think I am starting to really stress about the move. I am really really happy we are moving, it just seems like sooooo much work. All the packing and carrying of boxes and furniture. Plus all the paperwork involved to close and all the phone calls to switch utilities and the kids school.

The projects currently being worked on are: Number 3 in a set of three dishcloths for the new house, an octopus (his head is done, just have to do his legs), socks for my mom, a belt (started as a bookmark, but someone suggested a belt, and I think they are right), and finally, my sweater. I hope to have all of these projects finished by the time we move which will be in early June.

Well the coffee is kicking in, so guess I better get started on something productive around here. Hard to believe sitting around staring into space is not productive.

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