Saturday, May 14

Lonely lonely me

Hi all. Well it is a very very quiet (If you don't count the stereo blasting) morning around here. My family has all left. My husband is away for drill. He left yesterday at 3:30 and will not be home until sometime tomorrow night. This was also the weekend my children are spending with their dad. They left last night and will not be home until tomorrow night as well. So I am taking advantage of this. I am still in my pj's with the stereo at full blast knitting my little heart out. Decided to take a time out to post pics of my knitting in progress.

You have probable heard that kids say the darndest things. Well this is true. My kids surprise me and make me laugh all the time. Last night as I was driving the children to meet their dad, my daughter asked me "Mom is Don (my husband and their stepdad) coming home at all this weekend, or not until Sunday night?" I told her "nope he would be gone all weekend." She then came up with a brilliant idea for what I could do since I would be home all alone. She said "Mom you could call up your knitting friends and have a knitting slumber party!" My daughter is almost 11 and it shows. When you are bored with nothing to do, have a slumber party! Of course at this point my son (12) who can be beyond silly sometimes pipes up with "you could all sit around in your underwear and bras and see what kind of pj's you could knit to wear". Hard as it was, I managed to maintain my lane and not actually have the milkshake I was drinking come flying out of my nose from laughing so much. Kids are a trip. My two are the absolute delight in my life. I could not imagine life without them. Yes it would be more quiet, but not nearly as silly, entertaining, enjoyable, or humerous!

Well another advantage of alone time is calling me. That is a long bubble bath with no interuptions. Then it is off to my LYS, shopping at the mall, and then an hour ride to meet my husband for dinner. Yep it is worth the hour drive. He is the most awesome, amazing, uuuhhh I can't even come up with the words to describe it husband in the whole world. I told him he better watch his back cause the other husbands are gonna kick his ass when their wives find out husbands can be as wonderful as mine is.

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Cheryl said...

I don't know about the bra and underpants thing...but that would've been fun!!!!