Monday, May 30

Moving day is looming.

Well moving day is less than a week away. Hopefully if everything goes according to plan, we will be moving next Sunday. Packing packing packing is all we have been doing. It has been a long weekend. Since we have been so busy and working so hard, we decided to go out for lunch today. Very nice, we went to Super Panda. Also, we had not been to the toy store in about 3 weeks, (a record for us as we usually go once a week) we decided to see what was new. Wow! Lego has new sets out! We decided it was crazy lego day and bought 3 new sets! I got the Wild hunters set, and my husband got two new sets from Knight's Kingdom. So of course we had to play right away. For anyone reading this who does not know, we are super lego freaks here. Once we get moved, I hope to post more pictures of the legos. I know you are thinking this is supposed to be a knitting blog. Well yeah it is, but there has not been much knitting going on here. To busy moving. I did finish a #### for my mom, and her socks are almost done. I got to visit one of my favorite yarn shops Saturday. Knit Wits Inc! I bought some cascade 220 in yellow and orange. I am going to knit a duck and then felt him. When we get moved, the kids bathroom will have a duck theme and so of course I have to knit at least one for the bathroom. Well I guess I better get off of here. I think I will actually take some time to knit.

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