Friday, May 20

Very sad news.

Well it has finally happened. In the back of my mind I knew it would, and I think my husband did too. For anyone who does not know, my husband is in the military. He was to be deployed, but was unable because of an unforseen medical problem. Well last night the phone rang about 10:30 pm. At our house if the phone is ringing that late, it is never good. I answered, and had a Major asking to speak with my husband. A soldier (deployed overseas) my husband knew well from his unit had been shot by sniper fire. From what I know, he was at the time of the phone call in serious condition and in surgery. I do not know any other details nor would I feel right publishing them. I do this out of respect for the soldiers family. My husband since he is in the same unit as the soldier was asked to give the news to the family. I know he hopes he never has to make a call like that again. I would just ask that anyone who reads this please pray for the soldier, his family, and all the other soldiers serving our country. We need to let them know they have our support. I feel that you may or may not think that war was the right thing to do, but it is the choice that was made, and we should support our soldiers as best we can.


Cheryl said...

Oh Donna...this is the news no one ever wants to receive...and it happens way way to often. Many prayers for your husband as he has been given this task and for the family of the injured soldier.

Heather said...

A thank you to your husband for being in service to our country this Memorial Day. And peace to the family receiving the news that they've lost one of their children