Friday, June 17


Well the kids and I worked our butts off today, and it has paid off. Our house looks a million percent better. No more winding your way through miles of boxes. Speaking of boxes, what to do with them all after unpacking them and no where to store them? Last week the kids and I cut down about 20 boxes for trash. Sucked royaly. Well this week I got the answer to my prayers of the boxes magically dissapearing. My neighbors across the street are moving, so as I empty a box, they take it and fill it up! I love it.

As you can see below, there is a really crappy picture of me on the front steps taking time out to crochet a bit. The picture under that is my son playing legos in the tv room. It is soooo nice to relax. I even got to crochet more this evening. Tomorrow no work and probable no crafting. My husband who has been away for a week, will be coming home for a day. He has to go back Sunday for another week before he can come home and enjoy our new house. Well better go. Gotta do some crocheting! The foozle is coming along nicely.

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