Thursday, June 16

Yeah I am back!

Yeah! I survived the move. Just barely though. Just for the record, I did not have AC in the old house, nor do I have it in the new house. I thought I may actually die from heat stroke a couple of those days. So with that in mind, no the new house is not put together yet. Just way too hot. Slowly but sure things will be put away. Today the kids and I finally went back to the old house to gather any remaining items for trash, and to scrub carpets and clean up. Yeah that was fun not! I still have to go on Sunday and put out the trash and clean up the kitchen. Wipe the counters, walls, and mop the floor. The I will be done Woo hoo! Our new house is beeeaaauutifullll! I love love love it. Our neighbors are soooo nice. I have met almost all of them. Now I just need to get everything put away. (Maybe in this lifetime).

As far as knitting goes, I have just been soooo slacking. I have not gone to a stitch and bitch for a month I think. I am going to next Mondays come hell or highwater. I will have to bring my kids since my husband is aways, but that will not stop me. I did finish the gifts for my moms birthday although they were a week late. I made her a pair of socks, and a scarf. Right now I am working on another scarf my daughter thinks we are going to share, and the blue sweater I started way back when. I don't even have my yarn unpacked yet. I need to get busy though. I have to make a foozle for someone who did something nice for me by giving me a whole lot of fun fur yarn. If you are reading this, you know who you are. Just don't be in a hurry to recieve it. Now just to choose the colors for it. Hmmm?? Well I am feeling daring so I think I will go into the scary room (the room everything that did not have a place went to when we moved) and look for some yarn and a hook. Later everyone!


Heather said...

Yeah! You are back! Can't wait to see you Monday, kids and all! If I was a kid (hell, even as an adult) having to be in a bookstore for hours would be a great thing :-)

Glad the move is a good thing! We'll all have to find out how to get to your new house (not that I could have found my way back to your old one... some days are just directionally challenged...

Cheryl said...

My son loves the bookstores too...

Hey that's great you are in the new place and STARTING to get settled..

I haven't been to SNB either because of hubby's shift and such... but MONDAY I WILL BE THERE.

We do want to come up-- please email me your phone # or wait and give it out Monday..

Talk to you later.