Tuesday, July 5

Rainy Tuesday

Well the 4th has come and gone already. Time sure flies when your having fun. I hope you all had a great 4th. I spent the day with my family at Idlewild, and then we took my MIL home. She was with us all weekend. Yes I survived! It was'nt that bad really.

Well the foozle I was working on is done except for putting some stars on him. I will post pictures after I give him to his new owner. My blue sweater is getting some well deserved knit time. I had the front, back, and part of a sleeve done. Other than that, no crafting has been getting done. I was preparing for our party all weekend, and buying more things for the new house. We now have ceiling fans to put up, a new grill we put together, and a shed that needs built being delivered Thursday.

Forgive me if this post is boring or makes no sense. I am tired. Spent today doing housework and laundry. Am waiting for husband to come back from store. Hopefully he will bring me the newest Star magazine so I can veg out for a while. Later all ya all!

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