Friday, August 26

The Gang

The Gang
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Yeah! Knit night at my house was a great success. Everyone brought yummy food and beautiful knitting. I think (know) I ate way to much good food. It was nice just to hang out knitting and talking. Can't wait till next month at Cheryls!


jillz said...

Yay Donna & Don! I had a great time :D I love getting together with just you guys, so much more cosy that Borders where everyone nebs on your conversations!

Betsy said...

I second that!!!!! Big time Dittos!!!!
Here, here!!!!!

Heather said...

:-) True, true. It is always such a great time!!! Thanks for having us this month!!

Good friend, good food, good times!

Cheryl said...

I had a great time!! Thanks for having us!!! Thanks to Don for being so friendly and hugs to the kiddos!!!