Tuesday, September 27

The Deck

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These are pictures I took of the deck about 15 minutes ago. This is what we worked on last week. It just needs to have the ground to deck steps permanently attached, and have the railing put on. All in all it turned out really good.

Had a very nice day today. I sat and knit for about two hours today, then I went to meet my husband for lunch. It is always interesting going to meet my husband for lunch when he is working. He is in the PA Army National Guard. When he is working he has to wear his BDU's (camo's). You never know what kind of reaction you may get. Sometimes people want to say thank you and shake his hand, and sometimes I think some people are angry because they do not support the war. Today was a very uneventful lunch. We just had a nice time talking and eating. No kids! Besides that, I had some shopping to do. I wish I could have got more knitting time in today, but oh well.

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Cheryl said...

I think generally people aren't mad at the soldiers because there is a war...they are just doing their jobs...it's the government we are in disagreement...
He probably looks so good in his uniform that the women are just mad he's with you and not them..