Tuesday, September 27

A Lego Viking Longboat

Donna craft personal photos 227
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Here are some pictures of my husbands new legos. (For those of you who don't know, my husband is a huge lego fan. He has tons of legos). He bought them Sunday. He was very happy to get them. He saw them on the lego website, but found that they were not available in the U.S. yet. I called the company, and they told me the legos would not be available until December. Needless to say my husband was happy he did not have to wait. The sets are all part of the viking themed legos. Also, when he bought these legos, he bought a set for my birthday. My birthday is not till November, so it will be a long wait to see what I got. I hope it is the Ferrari set. I have been wanting that one for quite a while.

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