Saturday, September 3

New hair and new gauntlets

New hair and new gauntlets
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Nice picture huh?

This is the gauntlets I finished. I thought I would get a picture of them and my new hair in one shot. Also, I woke my husband from his nap just to take this picture and did not want to press my luck asking for too much. I am very happy with the gauntlets, they worked up very quick and easy. I actaully have three. I made a mistake when adding stitches for the thumb. I decided since I had enough yarn, I would just make another one. I am also happy with my hair. This is not a very good picture at all. We have been working in the shed all day moving boxes and stuff.

Our big excitement for today occured this morning. We always let the pet rats out of their cage a couple of times a day. Their cage sits on a little table so when they come out, all they do is run around the table and climb the cage. Well I had the bright idea that we should let Ophelia the seemingly more tame rat on the couch for a bit. Well she ended up taking off over the back of the couch. We tried and tried to get her out from under the sofa to no avail. Let me explain here that I have a sectional which is four pieces which also has a bed that fold out. Needless to say we had the whole entire thing pulled apart trying to find the rat. We were so afraid of accidently hurting her, but we needed to get her out. Just when my husband decided we were going to use the vaccuum, we pushed the bed section over on its back and I found her. She was way up inside. Just out of my reach. I had to get her by the tail which I felt so bad about. She squeeked and hollered the whole time, but I got her out and back into the cage. So now the new rule is no rats on the couch. Oh well live and learn huh? At least no one or no animals were harmed.


Anonymous said...
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Cheryl said...

uh oh... you've been spammed...

Love the Highlights!!

Oh I bet you guys were freaking out looking for that silly baby rat, who was just having fun!!

Cheryl said...

we missed you last night..we were descended on by a trio of teenagers who went to Joann's and bought needles and yarn. Heather, Michelle and a new gal, Amber, were very patient with them. HAHA!