Thursday, October 6

fall handbag

fall handbag
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This is a picture of the handbag I started today. I took this picture this morning, so it is now at least double the size. After it is finished, it will be taking a spin in the washer. I think once I felt it, it will look really interesting.

In non knitting news, this has been a crappy week. On Monday, I found out my son was suspended from school for three days. Then on Tuesday my son and I were on the way home from some errands, and my car died. It is still under warrenty, but it will be a pain in the butt. I got a call from the repair place today asking for authorization to tear it down and find the problem. If it is a mechanical failure, it will be covered by the warranty. If not, I will not be buying any more yarn for a long long long time. Thank goodness my wonderful husband said I could make my order for knit picks. I should recieve the package next Tuesday. I can't wait. Oh well what are ya gonna do? In the case of my son being suspended, we took him to open house at the county juevenile detention center. Some people may think that it was cruel, but we look at it as preventive measures. Let him see what will happen if he don't straighten up.

Well later ya'll I have a handbag to knit and some fudge to get making.

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Heather said...

Mmm fudge!

That handbag is going to look pretty wild and Halloweeny ! ! Neat and very appropriate !

Sorry to hear about your car, hopefully it will be an under warranty issue!