Wednesday, October 12

Happy Dance Time!

Ha ha! I am doing the happy dance cause I just put a link in my blog. I know some of you are going what is the big deal? Well I am so linkilliterate, that this is an amazing feet for me! Thanks Cheryl! Her blog is where I found the hair color link. I had to try it since I have had almost every color know to man on my head. I was once referred to as Rainbow Bright at a job I had years ago. If all goes according to plan, my hair will be a different color for this Friday's Knit night at Jills. The plan is my husband will not freak about me wanting to change the color of my hair again, and that he will help with the coloring. I am dangerous all by myself. I will have color all over the bathroom. No good being as this house is only just over 4 months old!

Well in knitting news, I am still working at my socks. I think I will still be working on them Friday night. Yesterday, I spent the day doing laundry and cleaning. Boring. I am supposed to be doing more house work right now. Nothing that can't wait til blog stalking and posting are done though. I am rearranging all the crap on my dresser. I say crap, but really it is all my things that I love. After that, I get to be a technical person. I am going to disconnect the stereo from the living room and put it in my room and hook it up to create extra speakers for the tv. Then I am going to attemp to hook up the home theater system my husband and I bought the other day. We got it at Tar-jay (as crazy aunt purl would say) for 75% off! Originally it was priced at $130, but we paid only $32.50! It is nothing spectactular, but what the heck. Us rednecks need cheap technical stuff. LOL My husband has a certain dislike for rednecks and some of the things people would think about them. I just laugh and tell him "then why the heck did you marry one?'. Oh well.

For the best news of the day..................................the warranty company is going to pay for my car to be repaired. Now I just have to wait while a used low mileage engine is found and shipped to the garage to be placed in my car. I am hoping the wait is only about a week or so. I really miss my car. It sucks to feel like I am stuck here all day with no way out. I already told hubby that tonight I am going to Wal-Mart. I need to get away from here. Also, I need some toggles, buttons, etc for my super fall handbag I knitted and felted. I will post some pictures when I have it all finished. Okay enough blabbing for now.

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