Friday, October 28

The Mermaid Costume

The Mermaid Costume
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Here is a picture of my finished costume. I added the net just a little while ago. Today my kids are having their Halloween parties at school, and tonight we will all be going to the local mall for trick or treat. Keep checking back on the blog, more Halloween pictures in the next few days. The pumpkin cake I finished this morning. It is for our annual family Halloween party. I am supposed to be doing all kinds of stuff for the party tomorrow night. See the party is at My brothernlaw and sisternlaw's house. They live about an hour and a half from here. This means we will be spending tomorrow night with them. I swear my family can never go anywhere without taking ten tons of crap. We have food, costumes, clothing, bedding, games, toys, knitting, and a million more things. This is why no knitting is getting done today. I have to make potato salad after I finish this post. Then it is off to pack clothes. I love Halloween, but I can't wait til it is over.

Happy news to report. I have a wonderful friend Heather that is going to work with me in about a week to get my blog looking awesome. Hopefully I get the hang of things, and can link link link! Ta Ta for now!

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