Sunday, October 16

phantom of the opera in lego

phantom of the opera in lego
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As promised, here are some pics. The top one is from Friday night Go knitter Go at Jill's house. My daughter Sami was holding Ada in her lap to keep her from running around (the dog). Both of my kids just loved Ada. They both wanted to be the one holding her.

Picture 2 is my new hair color and the felting fall bag. I look terrible in the pic but what the heck. I had just finished cleaning and vacuuming the house. I love the bag. I have got numerous comments on it already. Since it turned out so well, I bought yarn yesterday for a winter felted bag. If anyone has any tips on how to felt white wool, please let me know.

The final picture shows that my children have been affected. Last night they asked if they could watch my Phantom of the Opera DVD. I was doing some odds and ends stuff while they watched. They really enjoyed it. I never heard one peep out of them the whole time it was on. Today I have found out how affected they were by it. The last picture is my sons interpretation of the opera scene in legos. It is kind of hard to see, but the Phantom is way in the back. Christine is on stage singing. Raol (sp) is in the balcony on the left. Plus he added an audience. Pretty good I think. Now I find that my daughter is dressing one of her BRAT dolls as Christine. Oh well I guess they could be affected by worse things.


Cheryl said...

I think that is really cool that your kids are so creative...(and well behaved as well!!! (at least when we've been around!)

Heather said...

Ditto all of what Cheryl said!! I was thinking as I read the post, "how awesome that they are imaginative like that."