Friday, October 14

romper room

romper room
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Here are more pictures of the fur babies! They love to play on the bookshelf right next to the tv. They like climbing in and around and hiding under things. I have my fur real cat on this shelf, and it is funny to watch the rats climb over and under it. Last night they did not want to get off this shelf to go back to the cage. My husband made the mistake of letting Ophelia on the shelf with the tv. She hid behind the tv and would not come out for about 5 minutes. It would not be so bad except for the fact that behind the tv is where everything is plugged in. I was afraid she would electrocute herself. After we finally got them back on the table with their cage, Pandora refused to go inside. She just kept running around and up the cage. I bet is was 20 minutes before she finally decided to go in. The top picture was taken during the day. This is what the fur babies do all day long. Sleep sleep and sleep. They were cold in this picture. It is really funny, because they will drag their "blankets" around and push and shove them until they are just right.

Well the haircolor has happened! My husband keeps telling me "It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown". Yes my hair is quite orange colored. Normally, I may have wanted to tone it down, but what the heck it is Halloween this month. I was teasing my husband that he was going to be seen in public with me. He told me to just wear it up so it don't look so freaky! Now ain't that love.

Last night, finished adding the lining to the fall handbag, and started a second sock. I am going to post pics of the handbag tomorrow along with my funky new do. I want to reveal both tonight at Go Knitter Go night at Jill's first.

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