Wednesday, October 19

Scarf for niece

Scarf for niece
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I am sick. I have Noroitis! This is not a bad thing really. Except for the fact that I can not buy any more for awhile. The picture on the deck is the little scarf I made for my niece Brooke. It is made from some left over Noro (left over Noro? we can't have that now can we?). The Noro on the needles is growing up to be a scarf for my mother. It is silk garden, the first I have ever knit with it. I love it! The first photo is of the beautiful flowers I bought the other day. I love lilies. The whole house smells so wonderful. I wish I could find air freshener that smelled this good. Well I am off for now. I must do the laundry. Oh joy Oh rapture Oh delight. Hey I gotta talk myself into it ya know. LOL!


Cheryl said...

I too am a victim of Noro-itis, and I understand that so far there is no cure.

Heather said...

Noro-itis? I understand that! Everytime I knit with it I want to knit more. Gotta love those colors, those stripes, the unique-ness of every row... Though, at the moment I have a case of Cascade-iousis :D