Thursday, November 3

Pictures as promised

Well here are the photos I said I would post. I hate hate hate the one of me in the mermaid costume. The costume came out wonderful, I just look blobby in it. Oh well. Special thanks to my sick daughter who modeled for me yesterday. I did not have any good pics of her in her costume, so I talked her into getting back into costume for some pics. She also helped model the socks I almost had done in time for Socktoberfest. Did you notice the cute little baby sock? I think it is soooo adorable. Plus I had to include a pic of the furbabies. They are getting fatter and fatter. I always say to them (yes I talk to them) fatty fatty two by four soon you won't be fitting through your cage door. They are also becoming more and more friendly. The only problem right now, is the kids and I have to keep distance from them as we are sick. The rats are very suceptable to upper respiratory disease.
Ah how sweet. I was sitting here blogging away when my son brought my coffee to me. I usually start a cup of coffee as soon as I get up. My son always adds the creamer to it for me. Such a good son!
As far as knitting goes, I am working on a WIP I had put away while making socks. It is the wave and shell shawl. I also need to step up knitting for Christmas. I think the next project to be started is the Fuzzy Feet for my sister in law. Well gotta go enjoy my coffee!

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