Tuesday, November 22


Well it is Tuesday. Not much going on around here. I am just trying to get some work done around here. I already wrote out the bills (ouch). I still have to vaccuum and wash laundry. Besides that, I am going to work on knitting projects. It is not a good day for me. The pain is back and does not want to let go again. I really just want to curl up in a ball on the couch and sleep the day away. Not possible though. If I did that, I would get my self all worked up feeling guilty because I "wasted" the day away. I guess I will just slog my way through. I do have tomorrow to look forward to though. It is my birthday, and my husband has taken the day off of work to take me to lunch. I am happy about that.

Yesterday was a very nice day. I met up with Betsy at Knit Wits to do some yarn shopping, then we went to lunch at Panera Bread and stopped at Jo Anns. Thanks for a wonderful day Betsy! I was able to use my gift certificate for Knit Wits to pick up some very beautiful yarn. I swear I was going to wait til Wednesday to shop when I went to lunch with my husband, but Betsy called and shopping for yarn with her was definately more fun than shopping with my husband would have been. (Sorry honey but I know yarn does not interest you that much). What did I get you ask? Well...... I bought some trekking (color fall), Opal (Rodeo), 3 skeins of Dreambaby D.K., Green Mountain Spinnery (Coral Bell), and a pattern for head hugger hats. I have already started the hat with the GMS yarn. I love it so far. I am hoping to have it finished in time for tomorrow.

In other knitting news, I think I am going to have Happy Sockidays! I have yarn and have promised to knit socks for everyone in the family. I only have one more knitted Christmas gift, oops make that two and then I think I will cast on socks for everyone. I have a lot of small projects I can work on which I like. We will be driving to GA after Christmas, and so I will have much knitting while riding time. I want to get a bunch of small projects out of the way, so I can start my sweater in January.

Wow long post today huh? That is because I am procrastinating doing housework LOL! I had a request for the recipe of the applesauce I took a picture of in a previous post. Here it is. Enjoy!

Holiday Cranberry Applesauce
3lbs cooking apples such as
MiIntosh, or Rome cored and
Sliced. Do not peel.
1 1/2c. cranberry juice cocktail
2/3c. red hot cinnamon candies
In large pot, combine all ingredients. Bring to a boil.
Cook over medium heat covered 15 minutes.
Lower heat; simmer about 20 minutes or until
apples are very soft. Cool slightly. Transfer
to a food processor with the knife blade; process
until smooth. Serve warm, chilled, or at room
temperature. Serves 10


aloicious said...

I am sooo totally doing the same thing...If I make myself feel like I have a ton of stuff to do on the computer or really need to get some knitting done, then I don't have to do what I really have to do...Clean the house for company in two days. I hate cleaning!!!!!

Cheryl said...

I went back to bed for two hours. I feel so much better now.

Heather said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday
Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday
Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday
To You! To You! To You!

aloicious said...

Happy Birthday Donna!!!!!!!!!!