Monday, December 12

Pictures as Promised

Okay everyone here we go. Pictures from the Go Knitter Go Holiday Extraveganza!

First off the lovely but blogless Leslie and her "baby". Thank you and your husband so much for opening your house to us Saturday night Leslie.
Blogless Leslie and her

Next is the food! What a ton of awesome food we had. Not only can we knit, but we can cook!
Oh the food again
Baby sheep cookie
The cutest little sheep cookies made special by Martha Stewart I mean Heather.

Also at Go Knitter Go, we had a special guest. Jane of Just one more row. It was really nice getting to meet you.

Last but not least, is a picture taken yesterday of my children. We went to my husbands Christmas party. As you can see, you are never to old for Santa.
kids and sata
Notice the "camo" tarps in the back ground? My husband is in the military, so it was his units party at the armory. We had a wonderful time. Guests brought food, and some of the soldiers cooked. They had a lot of nice door prizes and gifts for the children. The prizes and gifts were made possible by the Family Support Group. Awesome job they did. We won two pointsettias which is funny. I love flowers and love to have them at my house all the time. Well every year we manage to get a pointsettia without buying one. We either recieve one as a gift or win one.
Well hope ya liked the pics and everyone have a great day okay!


Cheryl said...

The pictures turned out great! and I thank you immensely for not posting one of me --(argh)!!

Yvonne said...


Great pics...looks like you had a great party!!