Friday, December 9

Thanks a lot secret pal

I have not been having a good week around here which you may have gathered from my previous post. So today I go to check the mail and low and behold I recieved my Glamour magazine and a package from my secret pal. I was so excited. Unfortunately I was on my way to Wally World for another fun filled shopping trip (can you see the sarcasm?). I was power shopping today. Thank gosh I had a list. I was whipping through the isles so I could get done and go home to look at my lovely mail.
So finally, I get home and get to open my secret pal package. Holy ^&($! I near about had a heart attack right on the living room floor. I was absolutely speechless and because my emotions are so out of control this week I started to cry. The package is absolutely amazing. Secret Pal you have gone above and beyond with this gift. I still can not get over the wonderfulness of it all. THANK YOU A MILLION AND ELENTY THIRTY FOUR TEN TIMES!
I promise that later when I calm down, I will take a picture and post it so the rest of you (can be jealous) enjoy seeing what I got. I am amazed I was even able to type this post. For anyone who thinks I am overreacting, you just don't understand the kind of week it has been.
Thank you again secret pal.

PS I am pretty sure I have figured out who you are secret pal so if you wanna give up the secret be my guest.

PSS I can not wait to meet you in January because I have something for you for being a great amazing secret pal.

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Yvonne said...

((big cyber hugs)) I hope you are feeling better, Donna...I can understand the stress and the emotional aspect of it all. :( time you are up in Butler, let me me at meritwriterATyahooDOTcom and I'll send you my phone #...that way we can meet at Panera and stitch a bit...maybe Jane can even come out and play then...