Thursday, January 19


My computer is not reading my camera card, so I can not share the photos I took today. I had pics of the fur babies, and of todays yarn dyeing mess. The fur babies are doing good. They were mad at me today. I had to run the vacuum, and they always give me this look like "what the heck are you doing?". I think they do not like the loud noise. As far as yarn dyeing goes, it did not work out like I wanted. I bought some yarn at the thrift store the other day. It is fingering weight, and I am pretty sure it is acrylic. I tried to dye with kool aid today, but all I succeeded in doing was turning my fingers red. The yarn was a light off white/beige kind of color. Now it is a very pale pink/off white/beige color. Oh well I only paid a $1.49 for it so I am sure it will work for a scarf or something. In other knitting news, I don't think I will ever get my husbands socks done. They are black with a two row pattern repeat. Boring. Plus he wants boot socks and I am using size two needles! Maybe someday they will be done. Today I started a scarf which will be a birthday gift for my ex sister in law (husbands brothers ex wife) who is a good friend of mine. Plus when I finish the scarf, I am going to knit her a few cotton dishcloths. Well that is all here just enjoying the nice sunny weather again. In fact I have to go bring in some laundry I have out on the back porch. Have a nice day!

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Cheryl said...

Poochie is petrified of the sweeper too..
today when I ran it she pooped behind the that's scared...

hope you were feeling better today!