Friday, February 3

Todays Post Brought To Your By The Letter X

Yessiree it is Friday once again. That means it is time for the ZYX along photo of the week. This weeks letter is X So I bring you:

Donna craft personal photos 478

Xanthochroid: adj blond and blue-eyed with fair white skin.
Pretty cool way of sneaking in a picture of my kids huh?

I was going to doing X-rated movie, but my husband and I disagreed about what picture to post, so I decided to go with something so bizaare, there would be no one else with this X picture.

Not much in knitting news here. I did cast on for the second Pittsburgh sock. I don't think they will be done for Sunday, but we will see. My children are going away this weekend. Sniff sniff. I always miss them when they are gone. They will be going to see their dad. This means my husband and I can go out tonight. That is nice. Well all of ya'll enjoy this dreary Friday.


hollyboc said...

Oh my gosh! They are so cute! You must be so proud! Adorable kids! Gosh... I started this thing and I've been too busy today to do my "X". I better get with the program!

Heather said...

Both your kids are adorable! That is an X word I just never knew existed! Cool!

Happy Weekend!

Cheryl said...

nice picture of your little Xanthochroids....I've got one too!!!
Have fun tonite with Don...and don't drink too many margaritas!!!! ;)