Friday, March 31

I have to P!

Friday again already? Woo hoo! Well this weeks letter in the ZYX along is P. P is for peacock! It is too long of a story why I linked a pic instead of posting on here.

In knitting news, I started my second sockapaloooza sock. I also finished one of my rainbow in the forest socks. I think I will cast my second sock on this afternoon. I am expecting a package from knit picks any day, so I must hurry and finish these socks so I can start on the new yarn coming in. Yep more socks. I want to make these socks with this yarn (paper dolls). I love socks.

Not much else going on here. I have nothing really that needs done around here today. Just putting away clean dishes and making the bed really. Later I have to gas up the car as we have 180 mile round trip tonight. We are taking the kids to their dads house. They are really excited about going. It will be a nice quiet weekend for my husband and I. Well toodles ya'll. Have a really great weekend.

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Donna said...

Haha I acutaully thought about using period for P. Such a pain in the ass they are! ;)