Friday, April 14


Yes indeed I am beat. My body is so sore today it is unreal. Yesterday I had to get up early to take my son to the Dr. He got his cast off (YAY!). Now he has an air splint to wear for a few weeks. The Dr. says everything looks really good. After that we went shopping at Wal-Mart to buy new tennis shoes for my son. When we came home it was so nice I decided I should really do some yard work. Last year I put the lawn mower away with out cleaning it properly. Stupid. I spent about 45 minutes just cleaning the underside of the mower. So first I did the weedeating then mowed the yard. After that, I cleaned up the yard. Moving flower pots and getting them ready for planting. I finally dug a hole and planted my rosebush. I was having a duh day and did not think "it is sunny I should use sunscreen". I got burnt on my neck arms hands and feet. My daughter has a science fair project so we had to go to the store again and buy supplies and plant some flowers. Uugghh I was so tired last night. Today the kids and I had to do some shopping. We got to meet my husband for lunch which was very nice. When we came home my daughter and I planted some flowers we bought today. Now I am soooooooo tired and sore.

My Easter dress is coming along very nice. I had a talk with my mom about it and now the dress has no zipper. Mom said if it goes on over my head why put a zipper in? Yes why indeed? So now I just have a litttle finishing to do. I bought a cute little sweater today to wear over it. Last night I worked on my Easter socks. I am concentrating on trying to finish them by Sunday. Don't think it is going to happen. My second attempt on the Sockapaloooza sock is coming along much better. I have set them aside until next week so I can work on the Easter socks. Other than that there is nothing else, which brings us to Fridays ZYX along. This week's letter is N so I give you.............NOTHING!!!! Ha ha I was too tired to think of something. How do ya like that? Have a good weekend everyone and a Happy Easter!


Cheryl said...

I almost did nothing as well...

hollyboc said...

Can we see the dress???
Happy Easter!