Wednesday, April 19

The Dress

Well I took a pic of the dress after washing it today. It is not a very good pic, but a pic none the less:

Donna craft personal photos 662

I love the dress. It does not fit like I want, but that is because my body is two different sizes, and I have not quite figured out how to adjust for that.

Tonight my husband and I went for a walk after dinner and I took this picture. It is at the back corner of the mobile home lot we live in. It is kind of a swamp, and in the background you can see pastures where the cows live. I love this place. If we walk late enough in the evening, we can here the spring peepers. Have a good night!

Donna craft personal photos 661


aloicious said...

Oh Donna!!!! I love the turned out great...I bet it looks better on you than you think...

Walk knitter, walk!!!!!

Cheryl said...

The dress is cute!!!

hollyboc said...

Great job on the dress. I love the pattern and the fabric you chose. Makes me want to sew again. It's been a LONG time!

Heather said...

Nice dress! Bright and eastery for sure!