Sunday, May 21

Good Sunday

Today was a nice day. I finished knitting the baby socks to match the baby sweater. I sewed the buttons on Friday night, so that project is finito! Now just to wash and block it. I am still working on my hubby's socks and the Pomatomus socks, but now I have cast on for another pair! I am now also working on Hedera from Knitty. Those and the P. socks are bye the same designer. I also have my Morehouse Merino shawl on the needles. Busy busy. Tuesday and Wednesday are sewing days here. Cause no one will be home to distract me.

Mowed the grass today too! I love to mow the grass! Ok not really much to say.

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Lucy said...

Ya know...I sorta like to mow that grass too as long as the mower is working the way it should...go figure!