Wednesday, May 17

This Weather Sucks

Rain rain go away don't bother coming back another day! Uugghh. This cold rainy weather has got me feeling sooooo blue. You would think it would be a great time to sit inside and knit a lot. Hah! I am had housework to do. Blah. I cleaned our bedroom the other day which took forever cause I went through all my crap. It looks much nicer though. I still have to clean my side of the closet and get rid of some more clothes. Yesterday most of the cleaning time was sucked up by our shreddables. When we moved from our old house, my husband the pack rat went through all his stuff trying to get rid of some of it. Well he started some boxes of stuff that would need to be shredded. Well it amounted to three boxes of his stuff with a bit of mine. Since we have moved in here (almost a year ago) we have been talking about getting the crap shredded. Talking is mostly all that was done about it. No one here wants to sit and shred. Heck we even tried to talk the kids into it by paying them. No good. No one wants to go through the crap. Well yesterday, I pulled out the boxes and started going through them. Separating what "had" to be shred and crap that could just be thrown out. I got quite a bit done. The shred pile is now much smaller since I got rid of junk paper and envelopes and crap. I even unfolded all the shred crap. Now it is in one box nice and neat. Shredding will go much faster now, cause the stuff don't have to be gone through. Just pick it up and feed it to the machine. Well we'll see how this works. Blah! Sorry for the rant. Today is just a bit of house work. Mostly laundry for now. I can knit and do that. Tonight I have to clean the rat cage. That means I have to clean the bathroom too. It is rainy out and I have to clean the cage in the tub which means when I am done I have to scrub it out. Aacckk! Will this weekend ever get here? Saturday my family will all be away. So far my plans are nothing! By this I mean Betsy is gonna come over and we are gonna do nothing but watch movies and knit! Woo Hoo! Well guess I better go the washer is calling me. Toodles!

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Kenny said...

We need some rain in Texas