Friday, June 9

I'm Back With Pictures!

Yeah I got my slacker butt in gear. It's days like today I love to be a stay at home mom/homemaker! Ok on to the pictures. This first one is my husbands socks all done almost. That means I finished knitting them and have to weave in the ends. That will have to wait till he gets home though. I have to make sure they fit and plus the socks are toe up and so the cuff ends are not coming out like I want. One sock I cast off the cuff using a needle two sizes bigger, and the other I grafted the stitches off. I am not happy with either. Like I said I will wait till hubby tries them on and they rip back and fix the cuffs. YUCK! I don't like to rip! Take a a look at them so far though:

This and That 016

This next picture is the baby blanket I made. I knitted and knitted on this last week and weekend. I burned out on it. I will work on it a little at a time. I don't need it till September, so I will have no trouble finishing this:

This and That 017

The final picture today is the sidewalk/patio the kids and I put in the other day. I am still not sure if I like it or not. It may get taken out and redone. Tell me what you think:

This and That 018

Ok speaking of pictures......I went to upload my pictures on Flicker like I always do.......I saw a naked man! Woo Hoo! Whenever you go to the homepage, you have options to upload pics look at your pics and see pics others have posted. Well right there on the main page was a pic of a naked man! I don't mean his butt of him coyly coving his family jewels. Full frontal nudety! I find this highly amusing.

Ok it's Friday and that means ZYX along again! Today's letter is "F" F is for family and friends. I don't know what I would do with out them.

In knitting news I have cast on for the second Pomatomus sock and so that is my current knitting.

I will leave you with something you may not know. Boxers are not underpants. This is what my son told me today at the store. We were in crafts and I said come on lets go look at getting you the underpants you wanted. He said "mom boxers are not underpants". I did not ask him to elaborate because frankly I was scared of what he might have told me. Sigh have a good weekend everyone. Don't forget tomorrow is World Knit in Public Day!


DDancer said...

I think the patio is way cool. Keep it!

Heather said...

Montey says the patio is very nice and I concur. And I'm loving the sock color!

Cheryl said...

Your patio looks really cute..I'd keep it..
and believe me Donna, you are one person who absolutely doesn't not have a SLACKER butt..... see ya tonite chickee!!