Wednesday, June 14

Socking right along

Yep I am socking right along. I have the second Hedera sock to the heel flap. I am going to finish this sock to make the pair before I cast on for anything else. Or at least that is the plan. I find project monogamy sooooooo very difficult. Want to see the sockies and some other yarny goodness? Of course you do! Look:

This and That 021

You can see the in progress Hedera socks. Also pictured is the Trekking XXL (color 131) purchased from Kathy's Kreations (Ligonier) the other day. My son wants some plain stocking stitch ankle socks from the Trekking. I still have not decided if I want to share. LOL! Ok the other ball of sock yarn is Regia (color 5745). I got it from I am intending it for my husband if he likes the color and his other socks I made from him. Finally the blue color yarn is from also. It is cotton that will be a tank top for me. The color is called Peacock. Very very pretty me thinks. Plus I have three balls of Opal yarn on the way from Diva Knitting from the great Opal yarn sale! I think I have enough to keep me busy for a while. LOL!

In other news, I survived. My daughter turned 12 yesterday. She had a small party. It was me and 8 kids. It was easy peasy actually. I just threw some pizza, cupcakes, ice cream, and drinks at them and they were happy. In case you don't have 8 children at your house eating the aforementioned food, you would be surprised how many crumbs can make it onto the dining room carpet. Most of the crumbs were chocolate cake on the pale pink/red carpet. Luckily no body walked through the crumbs so they vacuumed up pretty easy. I think it is interesting my daughter turning 12. She can't decide if she wants to be a kid/tomboy or a teen/girl. We went to the mall last night and she spent her birthday money on what I think are very unrelated purchases. She bought a starter deck of Pokemon cards for $13 and then a bottle or perfume for $16. Maybe she just wants to smell good when she plays Pokemon with the boys. That reminds me I really do need to install that padlock on her room to keep her in and the boys out. Sigh......I am not ready for teenagers. Well that's all folks.


Cheryl said...

Oh glory I love that trekking.

hollyboc said...

teenagers... I have tons of experience. most of it good. we had our last teenage year last year. total teenage years endured = 21. my experience has been that girls are worse. they are little back stabbers. when they fight, they stay mad and get even. boys let things roll off their backs. they have words, maybe punch someone out, and forget it the next day. it's tons of fun. :-)

Lucy said...

Ah...12 years the real fun begins!!!

Barbara said...

I can't stick with only one project at a time either. I like variety. I do try to limit it to no more than three, but not always successfully.
You will survive the teen years, but I predict more gray hair!! And I agree with hollyboc, girls are verbally agressive, boy are physically agressive. And the verbal can be more damaging in the long run. My, I bet I'm cheering you right up! Sorry about that!

Heather said...

Wish Sam a happy belated birthday from me!!!

Love that color 131! Yum!!!