Friday, July 14

The Fun is Over

It is Friday again which means is it also ZYX along. Today's letter is "A". Sigh.....yes we have reached the end. Thank you Holly for coming up with this great idea.

Ok "A" is for Arkham Asylum from Batman. As many of you know my husband collects Legos. Recently Lego came out with some really cool Batman sets. My husband bought them and put them together. Then he told me "you know what would be really cool?". "Arkham Asylum!". When the first Batman Lego sets came out, there was not an Arkham set. So my husband designed and built his own Arkham Asylum. Low and behold Lego is issuing some more Batman sets and they now have an Arkham Asylum. Pretty cool, but not nearly as cool as my husband's model he built. It you click this link for Arkham Asylum, it will take you to the Lego model. But now for your viewing pleasure is my husband's vision of Arkham Asylum:

This and That 095
Front of the Asylum

This and That 098
The back or playing side.

This and That 096
Nora Freeze.

This and That 099
Reporter interviewing the director. In the background you can see the joker and two face in their cells.

Pretty cool huh? In knitting/crafting news. I am still working on super secret crochet project. It will be finished. I only have about a half hour of work left on it. Also, I recieved my knitpicks order yesterday. Yay! But oops I ordered the new needles, but in the 16" length. I think I am going to return them to get the longer ones. I also got the book one skein. I definately will be using it to make some projects. Well that is all for now as I have to crochet, and clean up the house. My parents will be arriving tomorrow for vacation. Plus tomorrow is going to be super busy. Airport in the morning then to Monroeville then back here then to Butler and finally back home. Whew....catch ya all later.


Cheryl said...

Being that I have seen THE SUPER STUPENDOUS LEGO COLLECTION and ARKHAM ASYLUM in person, I can say this is really TOO COOL. My favorite part was the Nora Freeze. Just love it...
See ya tomorrow!!!

Lucy said...

Cool??? That is AWESOME!!! Nice hobby too!