Tuesday, August 8

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Hehe anyone remember picture pages? Ok well anyway pictures as promised today!! YAY!!

First off yesterday my kids and I went to Idlewild with my friend Heather. I met Heather through a knitting group. As we have spent more time together we have come to decide we must be sisters separated at birth. We have a lot in common. One is a love for Theme parks. We had a great time. Here are Heather and I sitting on the giant chair in Storybook Forest:

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No I really do not have a pigs nose. It just appears that way from the angle of the picture. Needless to say I hate my nose!

Here is what you see as you are entering Storybook Forest:

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This is about the third or fourth time I have been to Storybook Forest this year. We have season passes to Idlewild. My kids took a magic carpet ride. Don't you love their goofy faces?

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This is an interesting picture:

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This is "Jack be nimble Jack be quick". Last Monday my husband and I took our kids and each of them brought a friend. When we passed this Sami was whispering to them and they were all giggling. My husband aked "What is so funny?". Sami said "his stuff is getting burned". My husband said "what?". Sami then says "his nuts are getting burned!". My husband did not think it was funny. I did. I told him he should have known better than to ask!

Yesterday we started the day with a ride on the Trolly to the Land of Make Believe! Here is a picture near the end of the "Hug n' Song" party at the castle. You can see King Friday and Queen Sarah Saturday in the front:

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It was a great day!

Today was another fun day. I took my kids plus one of their friends and we met up with my husband, Cheryl and her son, Betsy, and Heather at Cici's Pizza. Yummy we had lots of pizza and fun.

Finally, here is a picture of the never ending baby blanket. I had to rip back about 4 rows this morning. Sigh......

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Wanna see more Idlewild pics? Go check out Yvonnes blog from when she and Cheryl took their kids last week.

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aloicious said...

That blanket is absolutely beautiful, Donna!!!!! I used to love amusement parks, but as the kids and I get older, my stomach is not liking them as much anymore...It's a damn shame, I tell you...I do still enjoy Storybook Forest and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, though...