Sunday, September 3

How many projects are too many?

I've got project overload right now. At least I won't be bored. At least I should hope not. Ready for some pics?

This and That 248

This is the baby sweater I am working on for my sis-in-law's brother's fiance's soon to be born baby! That is a mouthfull! I have made this sweater before. It is a free download from knitpicks. The first time I made it, I used simple stripes from Knit Picks. This time I am using Jaeger (sp) 100% merino. I got two balls of this yarn at Bonnies for a $1 per ball! So this sweater works out to under $2! Gotta love that.

This and That 249

This is a pair of socks I have started for my husband. The pattern is from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. So far so good.

This and That 250

I made this bracelet earlier today. I love it! I bought the swarofski crystals beads at Jo Anns where I just happened to see and meet Natasha! That was so cool. I saw bracelets just like this earlier today at the Westmoreland Arts and Crafts Festival. The festival was pretty blah to me. I just did not see much I liked. Cept for the bracelets, and I can make them myself. By the way don't ya just love the black nails? My husband does not!

This and That 251

These are two patterns I need to cut out and sew in the near future. The men's pattern is for my son. I am making him the hat. The dress is for me. Gonna make it out of Halloween fabric. Stay tuned to see how that turns out.

This and That 252

One over the knee stocking finished! Now I just need to cast on for the second one. I should do that soon as they are very warm.

This and That 253

Last but not least a little something I threw together yesterday. My sleeping mask. It is on the sewing machine where you can still see all the stuff out from making my beaded bracelet. This is just a first try on the sleeping mask. I hope to make another nicer one. Why a sleeping mask? Cause some days my body hurts so much I really need to nap. I can not sleep during the day without something over my eyes. So I decided to make a sleeping mask instead of using a blanket all the time. Well as you all can see I am busy, so gotta go. Have a wonderful Labor Day!!

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