Friday, September 22

I'm here

Sigh tried to make a post yesterday, but blogger did not let me. Nothing much going on around here. I am still making my list of why I should have never gone to the dentist though! I take care of my teeth really I do. I just have weak teeth and a weakness for soda. The soda ate the enamel (sp) off my upper teeth really bad. That is the reason I wear an upper denture. Not so bad really once ya get used to it. It is just the one I have is old and needs replaced. Pain in the butt. Mouth actually. I go next week for another fitting. Right now my denture has cute little teeth. The new one has big teeth. I was too anxious Monday to see if I liked them. My hubby is coming along next week to tell me if they look ok. As far as my pulled tooth goes, it still really hurts. 95% of the swelling is gone, but my face along the jaw line is black and blue! Ack I have never bruised having teeth out before. I look like someone to a whack at my face. I feel like it too. Next week should be better cause I only have to have stitches removed and denture try in. I have three more cavitys, but I am gonna wait a bit before I get them filled. Give my mouth time to recover.

Okay enough about the evil dentist. I have been knitting! I finished the baby bolero I started last week with Betsy. I love it. I used the Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cottin and it turned out lovely. See:

Sweater 002

Sweater 001

I also recieved my order from knit picks this week. I ordered a bunch of solid fingering weight yarns. I want to make fair isle mittens and stuff. I never did this before and was kind of nervous. I was not sure what I wanted to make for my first try. Well I found it! Check this out.
I will post pics when it is done. It is coming along pretty good so far. I will make the mittens if the hat turns out. Well that is all I have for now. I am gonna go try and eat. Stupid teeth!


Stephieface said...

If you like patterns like that hat- you can check this blog that Zeeppo and I are a part of. Scroll down the sidebar and you will find alot of patterns that hav the same sort of feel as the hat.

Lucy said...

Good thing you don't knit with your teeth...hope you feel better soon!