Tuesday, September 12

Now for the update

Like I said in my post from Sunday, it was a very busy day. We went to Penn State University for Operation Salute. This was an event to celebrate and thank the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and their families. It was an awesome event, and I am glad I was able to attend.

The day started with a tailgate party in the parking lot. They had many food areas set up to feed everyone and an area with displays and such. The food was very good. There was hot dogs, pulled pork, chips, pies, apples, and drinks. I am not sure where all the food came from, but I know Sheetz donated all the drinks for the event, and it was a lot of drinks! There were displays from different units, and many providers of service for the military such as VA centers. My son was excited because he was able to collect 6 different pens. We saw some awesome military helicopters which we could go inside and look at. They PANG humvee was there. Also to my daughters absolute delight the mounted state police were there. She was so in love with all the horses.

After the tailgate party was the ceremony. This is were the PANG was honored for all they do and how wonderful they are. Did you know that after Hurricane Katrina the PANG was one of the first state National Guard to be there? Govenor Ed Rendell read a letter from a school teacher from Louisianna about glowing praise for our gaurd. Remember in late June when the north east part of PA sustained heavy flooding. With in an hour of Govenor Rendell declaring an emergency the Guard had helpicopters on the way for rescue. Remember two years ago the horrible flooding PA had? My husband was called up for that duty. He spent over 36 hours away from home and awake helping out. These are just some of the reasons we in PA should be so proud of our National Guard. As they said they are citizens in times of peace and soldiers in times of war and national disaster. The PANG was recognized by the American Red Cross for their help during Katrina. Govenor Rendell said to remember these are the people that when disaster stikes are there. They are the ones getting called out of bed to help us at 2:00 a.m.

There were 5 main speakers during the ceremony. Dr. Graham Spanier, President, Penn State University, LTG Ronald L. Burgess (representing the president of the United States), MG Jessica L. Wright The Adjutant General of Pennsylvania, Governor Ed Rendell, and my second favorite man in uniform LG Honore. It was a wonderful ceremony. We heard all the wonderfull things the Guard does. It was also very sad. Towards the end of the ceremony General Wright read aloud the names of all our PANG that paid the ultimate sacrifice. As each name was read, they tolled a lone bell. There were tears all around. The General was even crying as she read the names. After all the names were read, a lone trumpet was heard playing taps. So very moving.

After the ceremony was more food and the entertainment. We heard Craig Morgan sing and then the Beach Boys. The concert was very good. Ok now for some pics of the day:

This picture gives you a small idea of how many people were present.

Operation Salute 033

Our Commander and Chief of PA the Honorable Governor Ed Rendell with my knitting. How funny is that. He never even blinked or gave an odd look to me when I asked for the picture. I am not a particular fan of our Govenor, but after the speech he gave at the ceremony, I do have respect for the man. Plus he is holding my sock! Really isn't that what we want in a Govenor someone who can relate to the common people? Hehe

gov knit

This next picture is one I am very happy about. It is me and LG Honore. I just adore this man. His speech was excellent. I really wish I had a recording of it. He just says it like it is. In fact this is the man who when continually confronted by reporters about why the government took so long to react to Katrina, he told them "You are stuck on stupid". That amuses me.

Operation Salute 061

This picture is of M.G. Wright handing out a plaque of thank you. I am sorry but I can not remeber the name of the man in the picture with her.

Operation Salute 059

Finally lest you all think I have forgot this is a knitting blog and have not been knitting, here is some proof for ya all. The baby sweater and matching booties for my sister in laws brother and fiancee:

This and That

I will try and post some pics of the concert tomorrow. The pictures were not very clear, and so I want to clean them up a bit.

Also I want to say thank you to all the coporations that donated time and resources for Sunday's ceremony. Govenor Rendell said when they were putting Operation Salute together they asked corporations for their help, and NO ONE SAID NO. I really like Sheetz to begin with and seeing them there made me like them even more. Plus again Thank you to all the volunteers who served the food and helped with seating and all you did.

Ok I think this post is long enough today! Have a good one ya'all!


SJ said...

I love love LOVE the picture of Ed holding your sock! Even if you don't see eye-to-eye with him politically, you have to admit that he's a nice guy!

hollyboc said...

I can't freaking believe you got the governor of Pennsylvania to hold your knitting for a photo. You are my new hero.