Wednesday, September 27

Paging Mr. Clean.......

Paging Mr. Clean! Oh crap it's just cleaning supplies. Mr Clean really is not showing up to do the work. Darn! Yes cleaning that is what I have been doing. Because 1. my parents are coming for vacation this Saturday, 2. fall cleaning, and 3. my hubby is going in for ankle surgery on Monday. I want to get this cleaning stuff done. We have been in our house for little over a year. I love it. I just think we were crazy to like the all wood entertainment center, wood trim, and extra china cabinets we added to the dining room. Plus we decided to buy a new dining room table when we moved in. All wood. Wood that must be polished to look good. So far I have finished the living room and dining room. I took a pic of the dining room to show you:

This and that 002

But alas it is to dark. Oh well. I have been knitting. I finished a hat for my daughter. I call it "pretty in punk". I have to wait to show you when I can get the kid to stand still long enough for a photo. Other than that, I am working on socks which is perfect since Socktoberfest is almost here!

In case your curious, my husband's surgery is nothing major. He will have to spend one night in the hospital. Will be on crutches for six weeks and off work anywhere from two to six weeks. I think he may drive me crazy as I am used to being home alone during the day. And yes I am worried sick about the surgery. It is minor I am told, but for gooness sake this is my husband. Okay I better go worry or clean or knit or something. Later everyone.

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Cheryl said...

send him here when you are done with him (Mr. Clean, not Don! HAHAHA!!!)