Sunday, September 10

Stay tuned for more............

Today was very very busy. We got up at 5:00 and left by 6:00. Today was Operation Salute. This was a ceremony to celebrate the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. Here are a few highlights:

The ceremony was help at Penn State University which I have never been too. Very cool.

Besides my husband I have found another soldier whom I just adore. His speech was excellent.
I have my picture with him.

I saw the leader of the PA National Guard, MG Jessica L. Wright. A woman in charge. Very cool.

I met Govenor Rendell. I have a picture of him holding my sock in progress for me.

There was a tailgate party which was way awesome.

People from State College are an awesome group who did amazing volunteer work.

I found another reason to love Sheetz!

There was a concert after the ceremony. Craig Morgan and are you ready The BEACH BOYS!!
We were so close I coulda thrown stuff on the stage.

I was an amazing event that made my cry and laugh.

Pennsylvania has the BEST National Guard ever.

I have pics I have to download and will show on my blog this week. It is late now and we are all way tired.


Jenn said...

I can not WAIT to see the governor with your sock!

aloicious said...

That sounds like a very unusual but great day!!!! Not everyone gets to wake up early and do all that...
The military is a very different life and there is a lot of sacrafice from everyone involved, BUT...they sure know how to throw a shindig, don't they???
And the governor of PA with your sock in progress???? Goodness, that pretty much puts you at Yarn Harlot picture status...Go Sock Knitter, Go!!!!!!

Cheryl said...

THAT IS HYSTERICAL!!!! You have ED RENDELL HOLDING YOUR SOCK!!!! That totally cracks me up!!! (I guess you weren't wearing your LYNN SWANN FOR GOVERNOR PIN?!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Donna said...

hehe now that would have been funny to have a Lynn Swann for govenor pin. Dang why did'nt I think of that.