Saturday, October 7


Yes I have been knitting really. I've just also had a lot of other stuff going on. My husband continues to recover. He is now gettting around some on his crutches. The pain and swelling is also down. He will be going to the doctor in about a week and if all is going well, he will get a regular cast on his ankle. Me I'm getting a cold, but I know this is a knitting blog and so now on with it. Because it is Socktoberfest, I have been working on socks. Check them out:

This first pair are from Handknit Holidays. My mom is modeling them for me. The yarn is knit picks pallette in tan. Size 3 needles, magic loop. These are very very warm socks and will be great to wear if I go play in the snow with the kids.

This and that 008

This sock is the first in a pair I am making for my husband. I forget what yarn it is. The pattern is made up of a couple and it is on size0, magic loop.

This and that 006

This is my Heelless Sleeping Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks. I cast on for the second one last night. They are made with Knit Picks Gloss. Size 2 magic loop.

This and that 005

As I mentioned before, my parents are visiting this week. My mom loves "little" stuff, so she asked me to make her a few things this week. This is a picture of the results. Two little mittens and a little Steeler sock. That is her hand in the photo so you can see how little they are.

This and that 009

Oops! All the items in the above picture were completed on size 0's magic loop method. The mittens are made with Knit Picks Sock Memories and the sock with Lorna's Laces.

I went to Knit Wits today. Bought some trekking and Noro. I am gonna make a felted bag. Not sure which pattern though. Well gotta go knit more socks!


aloicious said...

Go, Donna, Go!!!!!!!!

Patricia said...

Beautiful work! I think the first pair of socks should be worn with a skirt to showcase the back, like they are in the pic. Maybe with a pair of boots that are between the knee and mid-calf with the socks sticking up a bit over the boot. Hot!!!

natasha said...

oh my gosh! so adorable. i love the little mitten!

SJ said...

Great socks -- all of them!

Holly said...

Wow.. you've been knitting up a storm! (as my mother would say) Very impressive!