Friday, December 15

Go Donna Go!

Woo Hoo finished another pair of socks! I am so loving two at a time magic loop! Wanna see?

This and that 335

Like I said magic loop two at a time on size ones. Lannett superwash yarn. Plain stockinette with a few purl rows thrown in for fun. Very warm and cozy. Also just for SJ, the squirell with him eyes and crooked nose. Sheesh I can not embroider.

This and that 334

He is all wrapped, packed, and on his way to GA. I think my Dad will love it. Heehee. So next up on the knitting list: A pair of fingerless mitts for my daughter and socks for my son. Also, I have two more Christmas gifts to make. They are sewing and should not take long. Well gotta Go go go!


Anonymous said...

Much better! I am restraining myself from making a dirty comment about the placement of those peanuts, however.

Donna said...

Hehe SJ. That is part of the squirells charm. He has a voice box in his tail that warns people to leave his "nuts" alone. That is why it will be so funny on Christmas day. My dad does not know he is getting the squirell, but my mom does and she can't wait.

Lucy said...

He is soooo cute....I like the nuts too!!!! (thought I didn't notice that didn't ya?)