Monday, April 30

Done Done Done and Done!

Knit knit knit, sew sew sew! I finished four things last week! First of all I finished my daughters dress for her medieval festival. I really procrastinated about this. She needed the dress Friday, and so I started work on Wednesday. It was not a difficult project, just a lot of work. The pattern pieces were huge and I was working with 7 1/2 yards of fabric. The bottom of the dress it 11 feet around! But it was finished Thursday night and my baby looked awesome for Friday:


The festival was nice. We got to see all the students dressed up and the whole school was decorated. It was kind of funny to see some kids idea of medieval wear. There was a girl in a flapper dress! Plus all the girls wearing these big puffy dresses feel the need to wear high heels which was interesting. I made my daughter wear flats because she definitely inherited my clumsiness big time. All in all it was very fun.

I finished some socks for me:

Donna craft personal photos 118

This is knit picks naked yarn that my husband and I dyed with neon food coloring. I love how the colors turned out. The socks were done on size 2 magic loop two at a time. I forget the name of the pattern, but it is from More sensational knitted socks.

I finished some socks for a co-worker of my husbands:

Donna craft personal photos 119

These are Lana Grossa Megaboot stretch. Loved this yarn. It looks rough, but it is very soft. The pattern is heelless sleeping socks for Knitting Vintage Socks. Size 2 magic loop two at a time. I did this pattern because the socks are going to be a surprise, and I know these will fit any foot.

I finished a cute little baby hat and sockies:

Donna craft personal photos 121

This little set is being modeled by my daughters doll. It is my own made up pattern. The yarn is dreambaby DK. I love this yarn. Size 3 needles all magic loop. I don't know what I will do with this little set yet. Maybe just put them away for now.

I started new socks yesterday:

Donna craft personal photos 120

Do your feet ever hurt and get tired? Mine do ALL THE TIME. These socks are for me to wear around the house. They are being knitted to a tight gauge and will have pattern on the top and sole. I trying to make them so they are very squishy and comfy when worn. The yarn is Autumn House Farms heavy sock yarn in Mountain Lilac colorway. Loving this yarn. The pattern for these is also from More Sensational Knitted Socks. Size 2 magic loop two at a time. I have actually worked on these quite a bit more since this pic was taken. I know have the heels done on both. I did a short row garter stitch heel. Very nice a squishy and easy.

Ok last but not least photo. My furry little surgery girl:

Donna craft personal photos 125

Not a very good picture, but she really does not pose how I want her. Go figure! Anyway you can see the incision is from her side all the way up and down her front paw. She is doing awesome from the surgery. The incision looks messy, but she is healing well. She has torn a couple of stitches in her armpit, but they seem to be doing ok. I have had some positive and some negative feedback on getting surgery for just a pet rat. We here are all very very glad we got the surgery. She is doing wonderful. She is very playful and much happier. These are our pets, and we just feel we should do all we can for them. If we had a cat, dog, or whatever we would do the same. Wednesday our other rat goes for a check up and then will be scheduled for surgery. We are hoping she has the same amount of success as her sister.

Ok well this is pretty long and full of pics, so I'm gonna go knit for a while and talk myself into the fact that I have to mow the lawn today. At least my son will help which is good. And my daughter is going to help by planting flowers. My husband gets out of yard work, but that is because he left today for a work trip and will not be home until Thursday. Sniff sniff. Well ok have a good day everyone!


SJ said...

Go, Donna, go! You are a finishing machine! Your daughter's dress looks fantastic -- I certainly hope that look on her face has nothing to do with her feelings about her outfit. I loved the dyed socks, great colors.

Betsy said...

and did i mention...WOW!!!
You just blow my mind, woman!!!!
Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

the picture of your rat is very disgusting!!!!