Monday, May 21

Here froggie froggie

Ok so I was going to post a pic of the socks I started out of the yarn I was supposed to resist. The socks looked really good, but alas I frogged them. They just were not fitting like I had hoped nor were they very flattering on my fat legs. So now the yarn is back in a cake. I was thinking about what socks I might like to try instead, but I have a better idea. The yarn is STR in cracked canyon color. I have had quite a few comments about how the yarn is "just your colors". So I decided since the colors look so nice on me I should not have them on my feet, but up around my neck. So I did what any normal knitter would do. I ordered another skein and am going to make a clapotis. Hehe my friend Betsy started clapotis and my friend Yvonne just finished one and they both look awesome so now I am going to copy them. I might of sorta kinda ordered a couple other skeins of yarn while I was on the blue moon sight. Sigh I must stay away from the internet late at night when I am tired and weak holding a coupon for 10% off! So now I am waiting for the yarn to arrive. Currently I am still knitting on my adamas shawl. I have about 85 rows done now. It is going to be beautiful. I am also knitting some monkey socks for my monkey pal knit along. Finally I can't stay away from Blue Moon yarns so I am going to make a sweet treat for my feet! I have some sock candy I wound up to start a pair of anklets. Each skein has about 200 yards or so and I have two different colors. I am going to see if I can get a pair from each since I have small feet. I think these will be perfect summer socks.

In other news I think I am finally calming down. My husband left Friday for two weeks. I stress out sooooo much while he is gone. Plus the kids were off Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and today. My kids always tell me I am really mean when my husband (their stepdad) goes away and ask why. I think it is a combo of stress and the fact they try and see how much they can get away with while he is gone. I am looking forward to them going to school tomorrow. I can relax for a bit not worrying about them. Plus one is 12 and the other is 14, so they are being typical teens. I swear my son's friend WHO LIVES ACROSS THE STREET called here 20 times this weekend. Plus they were outside hanging out together and talking on the computer! Holy cow! My daughter started calling his friend his brother because they were together or talking so much. So anyway it will be nice to be alone for a while. I am very lucky though because so far I have been able to talk to my husband on the phone every day and text him. I don't know how families with soldiers overseas handle it. Ok before this gets long and drawn out meaning really boring here is the only pic I took today:

Donna craft personal photos 148

Ophelia looking much better with her fur growing back.

Sorry for the lack of links, but I am just too tired (lazy) to do them today.

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