Friday, August 3

So how's it going?

Our house looks like it has been hit by a tornado. This weekend is a community yard sale, so we have been getting ready. We have a lot of stuff. My husband and I combined two households when we moved in together. I still can not believe the amount of stuff we four people here have. Yikes! So here is hoping the weather will be nice and the stuff will sell well. After all this yardsale clutter is out I am planning to move furniture and scrub all the carpets and stuff. Give the house a nice superclean. Plus I want to do it while the kids are still home so they can help me.

We have had 5 different DR. apointments this week. 3 were eye exams for the kids and my husband. Husband needs new expensive glasses, son needs none, and daughter is getting two pair of glasses and trying contacts. Sigh we were at her exam for 2 hours! Wednesday I went to the DR. and they drew pretty lines on me and gave me a bunch of shots in the back. It HURT very much. That is getting better now. Yesterday I had to go to the DR office to pick up my TENS unit. It is a handheld machine that I connect to me with electrode pads that give electronic pulses to my muscles. It worked real nice last night. So now I am hoping that my insurance will cover it, because it is $$$$.

Other than the above nothing much going on. I have been knitting. Here are a couple pics of completed socks:

Donna craft personal photos 004
Donna craft personal photos 005

The top pic is my sockapalooooza socks I knit. I just need to finish one more item and get the socks in the mail. You can see my giant cucumber (14") in the background. The second pair is the socks I knit for my dad. They just need put in the mail. They are posing on Harry Potter number 7. I was behind on my Harry reading, and so I had to read 5 and 6 which means I just started 7 a few days ago.

Here is a pic of the morning glories taking over my back porch:

Donna craft personal photos 002

Finally, a pic of a recent guest here. This is Cookie, and he belongs to my friend Cheryl. We got to babysit him while she was on vacation. The kids and I really loved having him.

Donna craft personal photos 001

He looks like he has evil red eyes, but he was a sweetie. So adorable I was thinking of getting a guiny pig. Well that's all for now.


SJ said...

Your morning glories look fantastic! (You must have a green thumb. I should have you come bring my basil back to life; it's dying a slow death, I think.)

What pattern did you use for your Sockapalooza socks? The yarn is such fun!

cheryl said...

cookie looks so cute. He is a good pig. thanks again for keeping him for me!!