Thursday, March 31

Forgive me please!

Please forgive me for the messy look of my blog. I do not know doodly-squat about computers, and so I am learning as I go. Hopefully in a week, things will start to look better.

Well in knitting news, I finished the dishcloth shawl I was working on. I made it with eros and two strands of crochet cotton. Turned out okay. I casted off way to tight, so now I have to fix that. I am going to start a turtle later today which will be Gamera! (It's a monster movie thing with my husband and son!)

Yesterday was a very nice day. I got together with knitting friends Cheryl, Heather, and Jill. We went to lunch and then to knit wits yarn shop. I love that shop, the owner is soooo friendly.

Okay well enough already for today. If anyone reads this, please leave comments on how it looks and what I can do to make it better!

Have a Great Day!

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