Thursday, April 21

Knit Knit and mor Knit

Knitting has been almost constant these past two days. I have finally finished the Gamera (turtle) toy for my son. It is very awesome looking if I do say so myself. I managed to craft it so that is stands on all fours, or you can stand him on his hind legs to fight. My son loves him. He has already had him fighting with knitted Godzilla. Where are the pictures you say. Well my hubby is out of town until tomorrow, and he has the camera. He is going on a tour of Philidelphia today, and tonight gets to have dinner on and take a tour of the USS New Jersey. I can't wait to see the pics he takes. In other knitting news, I could not wait to start my felt a long project, so I did'nt! I have it almost half way done. I also have been knitting on the second sock of the pair I am making for my son. I have started one of my moms knitted kitties. It is over half way done. Plus, I bought knitting looms (I think that is what they are called) at Michaels the other day, and I have some of my icredible ribbon yarn going on the smallest one. It is Knittacular around here! Well gotta run, have to do some more knitting, so when the camera comes home I can post some pics.


Anonymous said...

Donna, I saw your post at the Canonsburg Yarn Shop and of course forgot to write down your email addy, What are the dates for knitting at Panera's?? and times.


Heather said...

OOOOOO! I can't wait to see the monster turtle! And the knitted kitties! It is sounding right Knittacular there!

See you in a couple weeks!

(I replied to Debbie about the Sit. Stitch. Knit. Bitch.)