Monday, April 18

Manic Monday

Boo hoo! It is a knit night, and I am at home. I really miss knit night. I guess I will live just maybe.

Well the reason for the missing of the knit night is that tomorrow is both my husband and my son's birthday. My husband has to leave tomorrow morning, so we celebrated the birthdays tonight. My son wanted some home made lasagna, so I got to play chef. (I really don't like to cook). So we all had a nice dinner of lasagna, garlic bread, and ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Yummy yummy!

Well exciting news. We are moving. Not for another couple of months, but it is pretty much a done deal. We will be moving to Scottdale. We have found a space, so now we have to choose our home. Easier said than done. I am so excited because I get to pack a 4 story house! NOT!!! I hate packing and I hate moving. Where is that magic wand when you need it?

Since my husband is leaving tomorrow, and my son wanted a home made dinner, I got to spend today running a lot of errands. Since I had to go out to Latrobe, I figured I may as well keep going up 30 till I got to Ligonier. Yes, I went to Kathy's Kreations. I really just went to pick up some knitting needles, but you know how it goes. I also picked up some mohair, wool, and acrylic mix yarn. It is so pretty. I also picked up a pattern to make the yarn into a shawl. So some day this fall I may get to that.

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