Wednesday, April 27

A nice day out.

Today was a nice day. I went and met my husband at work so we could go out to lunch. We went to Cici's Pizza in Irwin. I looooove Cici's. I first ate there when I lived in GA. We would go to Cici's all the time. Today when we went, I remembered another reason I like them so much. They have sweet tea! I was born and raised in PA, but after spending 3 years in Ga, I love love love sweet tea. The only two places I know of that serve sweet tea up here are Cici's and the Texas Roadhouse.

As far as the knitting is going, I am still working on the octopus. I have his head almost done and ready to stuff. Soon the knitting is going to be very limited because......... We are moving!!!! I am soooo happy. We were approved on Monday. Now we just have to wait for our home to be ready. We should be able to move in about a month or month and a half. Now we just have to pack. Blah! I was already in the attic celebrating every time we went through a box.

Well got to go. My family wants to play Mad Libs. So much fun.


Heather said...

Just a quick pop in to say HI!!!

Can't wait to see Gamera and the bag looks like it turned out great.

Nice pictures of you and your hubby (and the carjacking... LOL!)

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